As you've probably heard, NASA has scheduled a news conference this week to discuss a potentially groundbreaking discovery about astrobiology and extra-terrestrial life. And while I'm sure there are many of us hoping they'll be unveiling a picture of little green men, it's probably a pretty safe bet that nothing quite so theatrical will be taking place. In all likelihood, the conference will probably focus on a brand new, convention-defying form of arsenic-based life discovered right here on Earth and how that should redefine what exactly we should be looking for elsewhere in the universe (particularly on Saturn's moon, Titan).

Until NASA actually holds their conference, however, that's all just nerdy speculation, so we figured, hey, why can't we offer up some speculation of our own? We may not have any astrobiologists on staff at Cinematical, but we've got a bunch of nerds who watch a lot of movies. Based on our highly scientific expertise, here's what we're hoping NASA unveils tomorrow about alien life: