Now that we've all awoken from our Thanksgiving comas into December Troncember, it's officially okay to say that 'Tron: Legacy' is fast approaching. Will December 17th mark the second coming of glorious, glossy sci-fi, or will it be the second coming of, well, 'Tron'? Couldn't tell you. What we can tell you, however, is that Disney have been promoting their holiday behemoth like it's going out of style before it even has a chance to go out of style.

We don't need to tell you that, however. The marketing machine for 'Tron: Legacy' has been so massive, so omnipresent in all forms of media that it's been impossible to not be hit by some of it. But while lightcycle battles going on inside of Coke cans are neat, all anyone really cares about are the trailers, the clips and the soundtrack, right? That's the hope, at least, since we've filtered through the onslaught of 'Tron: Legacy' marketing to collect those things on a single, handy page for your perusal.
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Tron: Legacy
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