Blockbuster VideoBlockbuster Inc. may have filed for bankruptcy just over two months ago, but it's not going down without a fight. The company has announced new in-store pricing that it hopes will make it competitive with prices for video-on-demand services available through cable and satellite providers, as well as rental kiosks like Redbox.

Redbox established a standard price of $1.00 per night, but many new studio films are not available until 28 days after their DVD / Blu-ray release. Blockbuster, with about one-fourth the number of rental kiosks nationwide, is preparing to make select titles available at their kiosks for rental the same day they're offered for sale on DVD and Blu-ray, but at a premium price. Blockbuster's new in-store pricing would make new titles available for rental at $4.99 for three days. Six weeks after the title is released, the price drops to $2.99.

The pricing structure may sound good, until you realize that the rental period for new titles has been steadily shrinking.
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