The new age of technology has opened up new waves to deal with romantic ruptures. Whereas in 1952 Hank Williams wrote and recorded 'Your Cheatin' Heart,' 50 years later Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) angrily blogged about his girlfriend Erica (Rooney Mara) dumping him, as recreated in 'The Social Network.' And we know where that led. But that feels positively Old School compared to what one cuckolded boyfriend recently did to strike back at his sure-to-be ex: He fouled up her Netflix account.

Call it 'Your Cheatin' Queue.' The disgruntled boyfriend posted a screen shot from his girlfriend's Netflix account with the caption "My girlfriend cheated on me, so I rated movies in her netflix account until I reached the desired result." As a result, Netflix now tells this woman that they think she'll love watching 'The Scarlet Letter,' 'Unfaithful,' 'Indecent Proposal,' 'Whore' and 'Slutty Summer.' We're not sure how 'Bambi' ended up in there (in the full-size image) -- are we missing a hidden message in the classic Walt Disney family film?
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