A few weeks ago Cinematical was given a chance to chat with Kate Bosworth, one of the stars of the upcoming fantasy/ninja/cowboy film 'The Warrior's Way,' and now that we're only a day away from finding out if it lives up to the promises of over-the-top action seen in the trailer, we can finally share the interview.

Ms. Bosworth, who plays a knife-throwing Carnie in the film about a ninja who seeks asylum from his vengeance-seeking clan in an American ghost town, had plenty to say about why she decided to take a "leap of faith" on the film, the kind training she went through to play an ass-kicking Carnie and what it was like working with Geoffrey Rush and Danny Huston. But if an all-green-screen martial arts film doesn't seem to be up your alley, she also told us about her decision to take on the lead female role in Rod Lurie's remake of Sam Peckinpah's shocking thriller 'Straw Dogs' and whether or not its brutal subject matter will be as controversial in 2011 (when it comes out) as it was in 1971.
Straw Dogs Movie Poster
Straw Dogs
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The Warrior's Way
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