Forget the 'Showgirls' comparisons. One of 'Burlesque's' pivotal scenes is set to the unforgettable Boston anthem 'More Than a Feeling,' just like... wait for it... 'Fubar 2!' Everyone's favorite high-pitched classic served as a backdrop for not only Deaner's renewed will to live, but also Xtina's hookup scene with the girly man of her dreams. And isn't Cher giving Xtina a job almost exactly like Tron setting Deaner and Terry up with oil gigs? No? OK. Maybe that's where the unlikely 'Burlesque'/'Fubar 2' similarities end.

But that doesn't mean I'm going to stop comparing 'Burlesque' to other movies. Because, let's face it, it's not exactly the most original concept to ever grace the silver screen. Just look at 'Country Strong,' due out later this month. Washed up singer Kelly Canter, played inexplicably by Gwyneth Paltrow, tries to revive her career by hitching her wagon to rising young star Beau Hutton (Garrett Hedlund) and, begrudgingly, up-and-coming country diva Chiles Stanton (Leighton Meester). The whole concept sounds kind of like young Xtina reviving old Cher's little burlesque club now, doesn't it?

These aren't the first movies about bright-eyed young 'uns propping up their aging role models -- the list could go on and on. But don't worry; I've narrowed it down to my favorite top five movie ingénues/wagon-hitcher duos.
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