What's scarier than the pressure of making it as a prima ballerina? How about having a dragon of a stage mother who pushes you to excel and considers your privacy non-existent?

In 'Black Swan,' which opens Friday, Barbara Hershey plays the overbearing mom of fragile ballet dancer Natalie Portman. She reminds her daughter she gave up her own dance career to raise her and now micro-manages her daughter's life, including clipping her fingernails for her.

Overly demanding stage mothers are as much a part of showbiz as backstabbing costars, the casting couch and the eventual trip to rehab. In honor (or dishonor) of scary puppet-master parents, we're shining the spotlight on overachieving mothers, fathers and even a sister who'd stop at nothing to make sure that little Tony or Tina becomes a superstar.
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