Back in October when the 25th Anniversary 'Back to the Future' Trilogy arrived on DVD and Blu-ray, Cinematical attended a DVD/Blu-ray release party where we had a long chat with the developers of the new 'Back to the Future' video game, who promised us they were huge fans of the franchise and wanted to deliver a game that would remain true to the spirit of the original films. To do so, they brought back Christopher Lloyd to reprise the role of Doc Brown (in voice form), and they got some unknown kid with the freakish ability to do an uncanny Michael J. Fox impression to voice the role of Marty McFly. So would it work?

Well, we now get our first good look at the results since they've debuted a trailer for the game, which still has a TBA release date, but is said to be arriving via episodes (five in total) early next year. In the trailer, we see Marty trying to save Doc's possessions when the bank attempts to sell all his stuff, only to see the DeLorean pop up with instructions to help rescue Doc from whatever time travel-related predicament he's gotten himself into this time. Most of the storylines are under wraps right now, but we do know that one aspect of it will involve Marty traveling back to when Doc was a teenager. Should be fun, especially for you BTTF nuts out there.

Check out the trailer, as well as a few behind-the-scenes videos, after the jump.
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