A couple of years ago, the twenty-third adventure of British super spy James Bond was well on its way to existing. Daniel Craig was set to reprise his role as agent 007, screenwriter Peter Morgan was set to deliver a finished script that he promised would be a "shocking story" and Academy Award winning director Sam Mendes, he of 'American Beauty' and 'Revolutionary Road' fame, was set to call action behind the camera. Then MGM had financial woes. Then MGM declared bankruptcy. Then nobody knew what was happening with Bond 23.

Now the next Bond movie has become a financial necessity, a key marker on the road to pulling MGM out of debt, with hopes of having the finished film in theaters by November 2012. But what's changed? Who's still involved? What's going on over there?

Well, according to the lovely Kate Winslet (via The Playlist), Mendes, who she is currently separated from after a lengthy marriage, is still attached to take on the project and is already planning the necessary move to London to prep the film.
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