'Dog Day Afternoon'; 'Pink Flamingos'

The current "It Gets Better" campaign uses celebrity-made videos to buck up gay and lesbian teens who've been hounded by bullies. Alternatively, the teens could take some self-esteem pointers from a handful of fierce gay and lesbian Hollywood movie characters, including Jim Carrey in the new 'I Love You Phillip Morris' (opening Dec. 3).

Carrey plays Steven Russell, a real-life con man and frequent prison escapee. Granted, career criminal Russell is no role model. Yet audiences have to admire his outlaw resourcefulness, his ability to outwit the system and his refusal to let anything (even prison walls) stand in the way of his romance with fellow convict Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor).

Carrey's performance reminded us at Moviefone of other badass gay and lesbian characters in movies. Some are based on real people, some are heroic, some are on the wrong side of the law. But all earn our admiration for their fearlessness, their unwillingness to take abuse, and their determination to live unapologetically and defiantly.
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