The Warrior's Way

Buried within the garish, computer-enhanced Old West of 'The Warrior's Way,' fleeting moments of pleasure can be found: a rain of black-clad ninjas fall from the sky; a dance under a starry, starry night; the kooky colors of a computer-generated town; the beauty of Kate Bosworth. Unfortunately, they're barely sufficient to fill a three-minute trailer. And when the filmmakers have to rely on the reactions of an incredibly cute and expressive baby to fill out the 100-minute running time, you know you're in trouble.

Jang Dong-gun, the dishy Korean star of 'The Promise' and 'Typhoon,' plays Yang, a stoic assassin who becomes the greatest swordsman in the world. He's a member of the Silent Flutes, led by Saddest Flute (the great Chinese actor Ti Lung), and their aim is to wipe out all their rivals. When at last only one opponent, an infant princess, remains, Yang falters; even though he's just killed her parents and wiped out her entire clan with a few dozen slashes of his sword, her beatific smile saves her. Unable to complete his deadly mission, he flees to America, where he encounters the lovely Lynne (Kate Bosworth), helpful Eight-Ball (Tony Cox), filthy drunk Ron (Geoffrey Rush) and the diabolically evil Colonel (Danny Huston).

Lynne is the only good-looking person -- really, she looks great -- in a forsaken Old West town called Lode that looks like it was dreamed up by someone on psychedelic drugs.
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The Warrior's Way
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Refusing to kill an infant from an enemy clan, master swordsman Yang (Jang Dong Gun) takes the child... Read More