Danny Boyle, director of the new movie '127 Hours,' told Cinematical that the long-discussed sequel to his breakthrough film 'Trainspotting' will get made, but he is waiting for the right time to make it. "It will happen, I think," Boyle said Friday during an interview in Los Angeles. "I mean, we'll approach them all again about it, but it will depend on what place they're all at. We have a very strong idea that it would be a wonderful thing to reapproach, to do again, when they have aged clearly into a mid-life kind of crisis, basically. They're not quite there yet, I don't think."

'Trainspotting' was based on the book of the same name by Irvine Welsh, who subsequently wrote a follow-up entitled 'Porno.' Boyle agreed with 'Trainspotting' star Ewan McGregor, who has said in previous interviews that Welsh's book would be the only source material for a possible sequel, but it may not yet be the right story to tell in order to revive the characters.
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