With a Sundance 2011 debut fast approaching, director Kevin Smith is on a promotion kick, showing off the latest poster and a few stills from 'Red State.' The poster comes as part of a special deal; fans raise $1,000 in less than 30 minutes for The Wayne Foundation, an organization dedicated to stopping human trafficking, domestic trafficking, and child prostitution, and the public gets a new poster. The fans succeeded and in return got the film's very first character poster featuring "The Virgin" played by Kerry Bishe. Three more character posters are reportedly on the way.

While you wait, there are also those four brand new stills for the film available, which certainly could allude to who'll be featured on those three other posters. One of those individuals is Kyle Gallner, who you may recognize from 'The Haunting in Connecticut' or the new 'Nightmare on Elm Street.' Think his experience on those sets prepared him for 'Red State?' Think again. Not only are Smith's techniques wildly different from other filmmakers – in this film's case, his decision to shoot to edit - but the film itself isn't a typical horror movie. In a recent interview with Shockya.com, when asked how 'Red State' compared to 'Nightmare on Elm Street,' Gallner explained, "The horror comes from seeing how people can truly treat other people and be evil to other people and Kevin used this specific outlet to prove that point."
Red State Movie Poster
Red State
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