The Top Film Events of the Week is a weekly column that goes live on Mondays and showcases some of best film events currently taking place around the country

The end of the year always brings a lot of big-deal movie events - some of them a natural byproduct of studios saving their best stuff for last, some of them commemorative screenings in conjunction with awards season, and some of them just awesome things that are coordinated to cap an already exciting year. One of the biggest of the big is Butt-Numb-A-Thon, Harry Knowles' 24-hour film festival in Austin, Texas, where the Ain't It Cool News founder coordinates screenings of films old, new and upcoming, enlists special guests for introductions and special events, and tests the stamina of even the most die-hard film fans with a literal day full of movies. Because attendance requires a considerable amount of effort, and especially because it's sold out, however, we're acknowledging it here but not including it as one of our picks of the week. (Check out AICN for details how to apply to attend next year's celebration.)

But before we get to the stuff we think you should see elsewhere in the country, we would like to remind you to please leave comments and send in emails with any suggestions you may have for events, screenings, or other opportunities film fans may have to share with others in their celebration of the medium. Also, when and if you attend any of the events listed below, please let us know about your experiences, and let the organizers know where you found out about it!