Late last week we told you that Irrfan Khan (the police inspector in 'Slumdog Millionaire') was cast as a second villain in the 3D 'Spider-Man' reboot due out in 2012. At the time all we had was the name Van Adder, which at first didn't make much sense to anyone. This wasn't a classic Spider-Man character, or even one who was widely known, so folks were understandably curious as to who this Van Adder actually was. Well, a full name and a few more searches have finally given us the answer: Khan will be playing Nels Van Adder, a character who appeared very briefly in the comics as an employee of Oscorp Industries, a weapons manufacturer run by Norman Osborn (aka Green Goblin).

In the comics, Osborn had used his partner's incomplete notes on the Goblin serum and tested it out on Van Adder, slowly driving him insane while turning him into a weird, red demon goblin named "Proto-Goblin". The other powers given to Van Adder via the Goblin serum include large claws, talons, fangs, glowing green eyes, and near impenetrable skin. It is not clear yet how his origins will change for the film, but knowing his beginnings were at Oscorp most likely means they're setting it up for Green Goblin to appear in later sequels (perhaps as the villain in part two).

If they do stick somewhat close to the original storyline, then expect either Norman Osborn and/or his partner Mendel Stromm to be cast (perhaps secretly?) soon.

Meanwhile, Khan briefly spoke about the role to the New York Times. Check out his statements after the jump.
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