- One of the things you'll not find on the 'Inception' Blu-ray is a copy of Christopher Nolan's original chart of how the film's layered heist sequence worked. You can find a copy of it, however, in the book 'Inception: The Shooting Script.'

- According to Vulture, Ridley Scott's 'Alien' prequel has not been, as rumored, delayed a year and that it will be titled simply, 'Paradise.' The site also reports that Scott had roles in mind for Michael Fassbender (as a droid precursor to Bishop) and Michelle Yeoh (as a "tough-but-sexy woman"), but that those casting decisions were still being negotiated.

- And speaking of debunking rumors, Lucas Film insists that George Lucas is not busy buying the rights to dead celebrities in order to create digital versions of them for future films.

- James Cameron is producing a 3-D, family-friendly film based on the world of Cirque Du Soliel to be directed by Andrew Adamson (of the first two 'Narnia' films). The currently untitled project is actually about a third of the way finished, as Adamson has been busy filming Cirque Du Soliel performances in Las Vegas before moving onto the film's narrative through line.
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