Every year, come awards season, The Hollywood Reporter whips up some talent roundtables to chat about the craft. Last month they offered up the actresses, who sipped some wine and chatted about the biz, and this time around it's a talk with the buzzed-about actors from this past year -- James Franco ('127 Hours'), Robert Duvall ('Get Low'), Colin Firth ('The King's Speech'), Ryan Gosling ('Blue Valentine'), Mark Ruffalo ('The Kids Are All Right') and Jesse Eisenberg ('The Social Network').

For the most part, the group dynamic doesn't really work out, the players sitting around while the moderator has one-on-one chats about different aspects of acting and their recent roles. But in the middle of the hour-plus video, Eisenberg talks about working with David Fincher about doing "like 50 takes" and "48 of them were just terrible and mortifying."

This shocks Duvall, who said: "I don't quite get that," and used Eisenberg's comment as a jumping off point to talk about "the great Stanley Kubrick" as the "actor's enemy." He continued: "I can point to movies that he's done with the worst performances I have ever seen in movies." What films might those be? The two examples that Duvall shared were 'The Shining' and 'A Clockwork Orange.' "Maybe they were great movies, but they are terrible performances."
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