Yesterday WENN reported that Ryan Gosling accused the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) of rampant sexism when it comes to assigning films their ratings, and today Deadline New York revealed that the MPAA's response is: "Um, yeah, he's probably right." The film has won its R-rating in a unanimous decision upon appeal.

Gosling's ire stems from the fact that his latest film -- Derek Cianfrance's Sundance smash 'Blue Valentine' -- has been caught square in the middle of the MPAA's crosshairs. The movie tells the tender and unflinching saga of a broken romance (Michelle Williams plays the girl, natch), and it sustains itself on blunt authenticity in lieu of a clean three-act structure. If the audience doubted the credibility of the film's core relationship for even a second, the whole thing would fall apart -- it's one of those flicks where a carefully placed, nipple-covering bed sheet would feel phonier than an acoustic Milli Vanilli album (take that, Milli Vanillii!). So when the MPAA slapped 'Blue Valentine' with the deathly NC-17 rating, Cianfrance and The Weinstein Company -- the film's distributor -- were stuck between a rock and a hard place.
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