It apparently takes only a day or two for the entertainment news cycle to expunge one obsession and replace it with another, but even as awards season produces one new superlative-worthy entry after another, Warner Home Video is trying to remind audiences of one from earlier this year: 'Inception.' Newly released on Blu-ray in a three disc set, Christopher Nolan's film is now available for everyone to pore over, slow down, rewatch, and generally explore, even if its home video iteration is not quite equal to the task of providing fans with enough material to make the rewards worth the effort. That said, newcomers to the film should enjoy the set's novice-level approach to its dynamics, making 'Inception' a worthwhile and substantive holiday gift for a movie-loving friend or family member.

In spite of revisionist thinking that appeared in recent weeks that it's just not that great – a dismissal that seems to be a by product of finally seeing some other films released this year that are worth a crap – 'Inception' is a triumph on all levels, a rare example of something simple and sophisticated at the same time, and successful on both levels. But the film has already been reviewed, several times over, and requires no further assessment of its general bona fides, except as a piece of entertainment whose substance appreciates with multiple viewings.
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