Without a doubt, there are some actors who, in interviews, seem to behave like a sort of caged animal: They're mellow and mostly accommodating because they know they're not going anywhere, but it's best not to provoke them any more than necessary because, well, they're formidable.

Although Christian Bale has sometimes been categorized as a "difficult" interview, it has been my experience that he is simply the tiger that doesn't like to be poked; it isn't that he won't answer tough questions, or offer real insights, it's simply that he likes doing better than discussing, and that he doesn't suffer fools (or foolish questions) easily.

Cinematical sat down with Bale at the recent Los Angeles press day for 'The Fighter,' David O. Russell's retelling of the real-life story of Micky Ward, a Boston pugilist who emerged from the shadow of his older brother Dicky to become a contender in his own right. In addition to discussing the challenges of playing Dicky Ward, a crack-addicted charmer, Bale examined his creative relationship with director Russell and his fellow collaborators, and explored the process of elevating material beyond its conventions in order to create something truly special.
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