With the announcement that Cate Blanchett would be reprising her role as the elf in 'The Hobbit' despite the fact that her character does not appear in the book, it was the first sign that Peter Jackson plans to tinker with Tolkien's masterpiece in order to (possibly) help connect all the films together, while at the same time helping to make the 'Lord of the Rings' prequel more accessible by bringing back even more of the original trilogy's stars. Well now that looks to be where this is going, as Deadline reports that Orlando Bloom is "likely" to be the next original cast member to sign on to the two-part 'Hobbit' film.

It's not clear how Bloom will factor into the film(s), just that he'll be reprising the role of the archer Legolas, and that it's going to be more than just a cameo. So will that second film act as more of a bridge to 'The Fellowship of the Ring' and less as a straight adaptation of 'The Hobbit' as originally intended? It's beginning to appear that way, and now we're wondering which other original cast members will pop up.

Does this make sense to you? Do you trust that Jackson's tinkering with the original material will produce a more satisfying two-part movie?
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