Flix on StixIf you love renting movies from kiosks but hate returning them or paying late fees, Flix on Stix may be your next best friend. According to Wired, the company promises to offer movies that you can download onto your personal USB or SD device, with prices ranging from $1 (for three days) to $4 (for 12 days). After the time period expires, the movie self-destructs, though not, alas, with a tiny puff of smoke, a la 'Mission: Impossible.'

Flix on Stix seeks to carve out a niche in a movie kiosk market currently dominated by RedBox, which is already looking into digital distribution as a means of expanding its catalog of available titles. Blockbuster, which reinstated its late fees earlier this year, is fighting to stay alive by touting its in-store pricing schemes; it too is exploring digital download strategies at its kiosks, through an agreement with 20th Century Fox. But is the audience that still wants to rent movies in person willing to fool around with USB or SD devices?
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