For months leading up to this month's release of 'Black Swan,' we've been hearing about the steamy kiss scene between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. We haven't heard this much buzz about an on-screen kiss since Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger locked lips in 'Brokeback Mountain,' or goody goody Neve Campbell (playing a bad girl) planted one on Denise Richards in 'Wild Things.'

Of course, if you wanted to see Jake kiss Heath or Neve lock lips with Denise, you actually had to go see the movie. Not so with 'Black Swan.' Why? Because it's in the trailer. That's right. The one moment that may compel people otherwise completely uninterested in some arty ballet thriller to shell out $14 to go see it is just given away. On the big screen, too -- I've already seen it at least three times during the previews before other flicks. As the old saying goes, why would anybody buy the cow when they're already getting the milk for free?

We can only assume the high-paid movie marketing honchos know what they're doing. But it really does seem like trailers these days are giving it all away, instead of leaving you wanting more. Remember the trailer for that other Portman flick, 'Brothers?' I didn't feel the need to see the movie after seeing the trailer. It gave away several major plot twists in less than three minutes. There may have been more, for all I know, but for me the movie already felt spoiled.
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