If yesterday's trailer gave you 'Transformers' fans out there hope for the potential of 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon,' Michael Bay's latest discussion with the blogging community should help even more. Collider recorded an epically long lunch chat in which Bay apologized for the second film, talked about his attempts to make up for it with film number three and how the addition of 3D changed his cinematic process.

Talking about 'Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen,' Michael Bay explained:

"We tried to learn from the second movie. On the second movie we got burned. We had a writers strike, we had to agree on a story in three weeks, and then we knew they were going on strike. It was a f***ed scenario all the way around; it wasn't fair to the writer; it wasn't fair to me; it wasn't fair to anybody. It was still an entertaining movie, but I think we failed on certain aspects. What we did with this movie is I think we have a much better script, and we got back to basics. ... It's more serious. I got rid of the dorky comedy; I mean we've got two little characters, that's it, but the dorkiness is not there. Dork-free Transformers. It's much more serious. It's still entertaining; it's big looking."
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Transformers: Dark of the Moon
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