We've already seen 'TRON: Legacy', so trust us when we say that if there's one thing you'll take away from the film, it will be the frenzied desire to transport yourself to the world of TRON (minus, ya know, the whole forced-to-compete-in-life-or-death-games thing). Walt Disney knows this, and so they've gone and created an entire line of 'TRON: Legacy' gear -- from toy lightcycles to video games to sexy, workout-related women's short-shorts -- so no matter what freakish TRON addiction you have, there should be something there to satisfy.

And let's admit it: Movie merchandise isn't always that fascinating for people over the age of 11, so to see a film come out with some cool products for teens and adults is definitely a good thing. But what's actually worth buying, and what's best left for the box in your attic labeled, "Stuff I Bought That I Used Only Once Because I'm An Idiot"?

Head after the jump for the five pieces of 'TRON: Legacy' merch that we like the best.
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Tron: Legacy
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