We pulled a bait and switch on you -- this story isn't some kind of mondo video of Zac Efron getting shot in a gunfight, it's really just a blurb for his latest, um, film. That's right, Zac Efron isn't just for lookin', kids -- he's for actin' too, and according to Deadline he'll be starring as a "fight-prone and death-obsessed young society man" looking for love in all the wrong places. Media Rights Capital is pursuing the script for 'Die in a Gunfight,' which comes courtesy of recent NYU grads Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari.

Society man? We'll buy that for a dollar (ok, not really). Fight-prone? Not so much. In the film, Efron's character pursues a romance with the daughter of his father's enemy, which will allow the shaggy-haired heartthrob to flex his eyelash muscles. It's hard to target the exact tone and setting for 'Gunfight' since Deadline described the film in July as a "high octane action script," but the word "society" has period drama written all over it. Vulture added this to the mix in July, tagging it as a "Tarantino-esque blend of 'Gossip Girl,' 'True Romance,' and 'Romeo and Juliet.' Efron [will] play Ben, an underachieving, deadbeat son of a famous New York high-society attorney who gets himself in over his head when he falls for the daughter of his father's nemesis -- a girl who is already busy being stalked by an obsessive French professor." Hmm.

Hit the comments section and let us know which way you see this one heading. More importantly, will Efron be able to get his hands dirty enough to make a believable hothead?
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