A few days ago, common sense somehow managed to prevail and the MPAA overturned 'Blue Valentine's NC-17 rating, meaning that a hugely praised, emotionally honest film may actually find a way to arrive in a theater near you. Movie fans should rejoice: the frequently wrongheaded organization has a nasty habit of letting extreme violence slide, but then flipping out at the sight of realistically portrayed (but non-pornographic) sex. In the case of 'Blue Valentine,' it was a sequence featuring a husband performing oral sex on his wife -- you know, that nasty, foul business that no loving couple would ever engage in unless they were certified perverts.

But not everyone's happy with cinematic justice being served, namely the Parents Television Council, who issued a press release condemning the MPAA's decision. Their opening barrage:

"The inherent flaws of the MPAA ratings system were put on full-frontal display this week with Blue Valentine. Ostensibly because the producers of the film would not earn as much money at the box office with an accurate rating, the MPAA buckled under intense pressure and lowered the age rating of the film."

In the words of The Dude: "That's just, like, your opinion, man" -- but it would help their credibility if if they had actually seen the film.
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