Looks like someone at CNN wanted to have a good time with a story that's actually kinda sad. During a recent CNN segment on a man's painfully uncomfortable inflammatory bowel disease, CNN thought the best way to connect the disease to its audience through a visual medium was to air the classic scene from 'Dumb and Dumber' featuring Jeff Daniels' Harry feverishly storming the toilet after suffering a sudden bout of diarrhea.

Yup, CNN aired that sucker with full sound effects and all before cutting to anchor Ali Velshi who, with a straight face, asked, "We didn't just air that on live TV, did we?" Velshi then began describing this man's illness by teasing "ten to fifteen bloody bowel movements a day" -- a nasty disease so debilitating that it forced the man to quit his job. Way to be sympathetic CNN! We'll never be able to watch 'Dumb and Dumber' the same way again.

Watch the CNN segment after the jump ...
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