Have you gotten in the habit of renting more movies than you buy? It's certainly an easy pattern to fall into thanks to Netflix bringing DVDs right to your door and Redbox bringing their DVD rental boxes to grocery store parking lots across the country, but if you're a junkie for special features, it may soon be a habit you have to break.

A Consumerist reader recently wrote in to the consumer advocate blog to let them know that he had discovered the 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World' DVD he had rented from Blockbuster contained no special features. The $3.99 price tag he paid for the rental disc got him the menus for the special features, but any attempts to access them were met with a message proclaiming, "This disc is intended for rental purposes and only includes the feature film. Own it on Blu-Ray or DVD to view these bonus features and complete your movie watching experience."