Neill Blomkamp became a name to contend with after 2009's unexpected hit, 'District 9.' He's been linked to several projects since then, but the mysterious 'Elysium' is the one that seems to be slowly and surely moving forward. If you need further proof of this, Deadline reports that Matt Damon is circling the project. Adding his name to the magical mix of Blomkamp and Sharlto Copley (who was previously reported to be on board) should make for a really interesting film.

Our own Peter Martin filled us in just days ago that Blomkamp's project has had dedicated funding for over a year (courtesy of Media Rights Capital) and that the director has been promised creative freedom and a more substantial budget than the $30 million spent on 'District 9.' What else do we know about this potentially exciting new film? Not much. We know it's going to be another sci-fi flick and that its title has a possible Greek mythology bend ("Elysium" also refers to a general "place or state of perfect happiness").
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