When Miley Cyrus was promoting 'The Last Song,' her first major movie outside of the 'Hannah Montana' franchise, she talked extensively to reporters about wanting to continue doing "serious" movies.

"Hopefully, people will take me seriously as an actress," she said at a press conference for the film.

And some reviews for the Nicholas Sparks-penned movie did highlight that Cyrus was pretty good. Entertainment Weekly called her "a really interesting movie star in the making," and Roger Ebert predicted she'd be playing heroines along the lines of Ashley Judd as she got older.

But could that path have been diverted today? Video footage surfaced of the young starlet smoking what sources say is the legal psychedlic salvia out of a bong at a party on her 18th birthday.

Though the drug is legal, and though Cyrus was of legal age, the (fairly innocent, if annoyingly giggly) video doesn't look good for someone who was once a 'Disney' commodity and a supposed role model for young people. (Although, come on, any parent "shocked" by this video should also get their eyes and ears checked out ASAP.)
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