This Friday, after years of deal-making, rumor-mongering and star-swapping, 'The Tourist' finally lands with all its European allure in American theaters. By the time Johnny Depp was cast as the lovelorn tourist Frank and Angelina Jolie was cast as the mysterious and stunning Elise, photographers were ready to pounce on the set, releasing photos of Jolie's on-and-off-set moves, which titillated film geeks and fans alike.

Amid all the hype about Jolie and Depp's new movie, however, what most movie-goers may have overlooked is that 'The Tourist' isn't new at all; the original is a 2005 film called 'Anthony Zimmer.' Directed and written by Jerome Salle, it stars Sophie Marceau as the female lead, Chiara, who becomes ensnared in a mysterious plot, and Yvan Attal as the mysterious (and surgically altered) Francois Taillandier. In the new version, by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck ('The Lives of Others'), the gender roles are reversed, so that Elise does the hunting and the trapping, while Frank is the unwitting pawn.

Cinematic purists need not worry that the new version will be a total departure from its original: Salle co-wrote the new version of 'The Tourist,' along with by Salle, along with von Donnersmarck and Julian Fellowes, which may infuse it with some of the original's sensibility. Still, while the film may be among the most surprising of this year's second-hand remake releases, it's part of a long-established, American tradition of believing that anything good is worth doing again -- at least once. As Depp and Jolie arrive with their remade tale of international intrigue, Moviefone took a look back at some of the company that their movie keeps in the canon of surprise remakes.
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