Everywhere you look this week, there's magic at the movies. On the one hand, children are vanishing into the fantasy world of Narnia. On the other, adults are vanishing into the fantasy world of either being or being with Angelina Jolie and/or Johnny Depp. Decisions, decisions...

'The Tourist'

Johnny Depp goes on vacation in Venice, only to run into Angelina Jolie and her web of deceit and espionage. Eric D. Snider had a problem with at least half of that equation, though: "The whole point of Frank is that he's an average, ordinary guy -- the one thing Johnny Depp is not good at playing. Misfits, oddballs, kooks, nuts, drunken pirates, tea-party-attending hat enthusiasts, sure. Regular guys, no. We have Jolie playing to her strengths (enigmatic beauty, vaguely sensual dialogue, some light gunplay) while Depp must play against his. It is a bad idea."

Sean O'Connell of ReelRave registered similar disappointment, calling it "one of those sleight-of-hand games where things make less sense once the story has revealed all of its tricks."