was lucky enough to get a double-dose of 'Thor' in the past few months -- first, with a trip to the set of the movie in April, and then again last Thursday, when we got to watch the brand-new trailer (in 3-D!) on the Paramount lot.

We happily sat through the two-minute teaser four times. Why? It's got everything we were hoping for when we visited the set. How to sum up: It's 'Lord of the Rings' meets 'Superman' with more ass-kicking, a buffer lead and Natalie Portman!

Our set visit gave us glimpses of some of the impressively mammoth sets and a chance to wield Thor's mighty hammer. Sadly, neither stars Chris Hemsworth (Thor) nor Anthony Hopkins (Odin) were working the day of our visit. But we did get to meet with director Kenneth Branagh and several members of the cast. And when the film hits theaters next May, expect to swoon not just over blond hero Thor, but for his clever and darker (in every sense of the word) brother Loki, whose cool costume just may make horned helmets all the rage among Goths.
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