Over the past few years, Marvel Comics has made quite a name for themselves in the movie industry – bringing some of their greatest characters to the screen in big-budget spectacles that have (mostly) pleased both casual fans and hardcore comic book geeks. That's just been the first phase of a full-on cinematic assault, though. Marvel has big plans for the coming years – plans as bold and daring, if not quite as dastardly, as something cooked up by Dr. Doom himself. Kevin Feige, the head honcho at Marvel Studios, was gracious enough to do a live chat with readers at The LA Times' Hero Complex blog – and the usually secretive executive was surprisingly forthcoming with the company's plans for upcoming projects. By the time the chat moderators called it a night, Feige had updated everyone on the status of all things Marvel, including 'Ant-Man,' 'The Punisher' and the studio's potentially in development films.

As expected, Feige was buried under a virtual avalanche of questions regarding almost every franchise in the Marvel universe. Still, most of the talk focused on a few key properties: the upcoming 'Thor' film was a hot topic, as was 'Captain America: The First Avenger' and 'The Avengers.'Cinemablend was kind enough to pull out some of the choicest quotes of the night, which you can check out after the jump.
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