Where do you go with your action franchise after the leading man's three-picture deal has expired*? Straight to television! According to Deadline, the very popular 'Transporter' series will soon be making the leap to the smaller screen. Luc Besson's EuropaCorp, Lagerdere Productions, and "a big" U.S. partner will be producing the 12-part series with a budget of just under $50 million.

Our favorite part of this news is not that EuropaCorp is also planning TV versions of 'Taken' and 'Arthur and the Invisibles,' but that regarding the 'Transporter' series, the producers do not want to reveal the title just yet. Total guess on our part, but we bet it has the word "Transporter" in there somewhere.

There's also a nifty little update on Besson's 'Lock-Out' in the same article, and that flick (which stars Guy Pearce and is being described as "Escape from New York in Space") sounds pretty darn cool.

(* That's pure speculation on our part, but we watch the 'Transporter' flicks mainly because Statham sells the silly stuff really well; without him as your lead, it's just another generic action tale.)
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