TRON: Legacy Unscripted interview with Jeff Bridges and Olivia WildeMan ... Jeff Bridges is cool. Jeff and 'TRON: Legacy' co-star Olivia Wilde stopped by Moviefone to tell us what it was like working on the film and, as an extra bonus, Jeff graced us with a review of the movie by none other than 'The Dude'!

Listen to Jeff Bridges talk long enough and it's easy to see why he was cast as 'The Dude' in the iconic 'Big Lebowski.' His description of his perfect day off is a stream of consciousness trip that almost seems like he transports himself there in his mind. He also told us his plan to make the third movie in 'Brokeback Mountain' author Larry McMurtry's 'Last Picture Show' series of novels.

It's not all about Jeff. Olivia explains how 'TRON' has affected her personal style, "'TRON' sort of knocked a little bit of the hippie out of me." She also tells how all those hours of getting in and out of her skin-tight costume (mmm ... skin-tight) helped her get into character and ready for the digital world.

Watch this highly entertaining interview, and then see 'TRON: Legacy' when it opens Dec. 17. Plus, check out free screenings of Tron in Atlanta and Dallas!
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