This year's set of Golden Globes nominees
may or may not be deserving, and may or may not serve as good predictors of the Oscars, but one thing they certainly will do: they'll make for a pretty procession along the red carpet. (Seesome of this year's hunky nominees on Esquire.)

Looking at some of the nominees announced this morning, it seems as if the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (the handful of reporters who pick the Globe nominees and vote for the winners) made sure to get some glamorous, boldface-name stars to come to their awards show, whether or not those performers actually did awards-quality work.

After all, the presence of such stars on the guest list makes for a more glittering party (which is what the Globes ceremony, with its table-hopping and free-flowing alcohol, usually is). It may also make for a bigger TV audience, which is something the major awards shows have all been struggling to draw in recent years.
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