Check out the full list of 2011 Golden Globe nominees for both Film and Television

The Golden Globes used to be looked upon as a little teaser for the Oscar nominations. Technology had not progressed to the point that we could instantly track every single award handed out across the country in the month of December at the touch of a button. So we looked at the live party with the celebrities and particularly the winners to see who might take home the bigger statuette a few months later. Opening our gold Christmas presents early, if you will. Nowadays we do not need newspapers or Variety to see what film critic groups are awarding first. There are competing award shows from the Screen Actors Guild to the Broadcast Film Critics Association's annual we-guess-better-than-anyone travesty. Are the Globes numbers really as relevant anymore?

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association's numbers already face a setback compared to the BFCA's stats since they love to nominate six instead of five just to give themselves that little edge in guessing right. The Globes, though, have always managed to double up on their lead performances by splitting their categories into Drama and Comedy/Musical. Not that they can always decide which is which as evidenced by Jamie Foxx being put into the latter for 'Ray', yet Jeff Bridges in the former for 'Crazy Heart' last year. Numbers always look best when rounded, and as modern history intrudes on the past, it is the growing trends we need to examine rather than a blanket overview.

So what do the recently announced Golden Globe nominations mean for the upcoming Oscar nods? We break it down after the jump.