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There seems to be a real mixed reaction to the trailer for 'Thor,' Marvel's latest bid for another Summer blockbuster. Sure, 'Thor' fans are pumped, but there's a vocal group of fanboys who don't like the Jack Kirby-inspired art design, Chris Hemsworth's spotty accent (pronouncing "Earth" as "uhth"), or having their magical myths mixed with the mundane. My personal concerns stem from director Kenneth Branagh's last big-budget stab at box office gold, 'Mary Shelley's Frankenstien,' a misguided mixed bag if there ever was one.

However, I remain optimistic. While not a 'Thor' fan myself, I think the trailer does a good job with a fairly tough sell, bringing Thor's offbeat universe of Asgard to vivid life. Branagh's never been known as an action director, so the greatest surprise from the trailer is how big and bold the action scenes look. It's an important step on the eventual march toward 'Avengers,' and Marvel will be eye-balling 'Thor' very carefully to determine the franchise possibilities of some of their less popular characters.

Marvel has a full Norse pantheon headed our way, in thunder-cracking 3-D, so let's check out some of the Asgardians that pop up in 'Thor's' trailer...
Thor Movie Poster
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