It's a terrific, heartfelt flick that's fully capable of making audiences cheer, as they did last night at a screening attended by yours truly, but 'The Fighter' is undoubtedly a "boxing movie," and that tag automatically makes it a challenging sell. Mark Wahlberg, who stars as the doggedly determined Micky Ward and also served as one of the film's producers, acknowledged as much in an interview with Cinematical: "We thought, whatever it takes as far as the trailer to get people into the seats, and then I think once people start seeing the movie, then word of mouth [will do the rest]."

Going above and beyond his call of duty to "get people into the seats," co-star Christian Bale, who plays Micky's crack-addicted older brother Dicky, appeared on ABC News and allowed himself to be gently goaded into singing a song to conclude the interview. He's reluctant at first, but then confesses that he has one particular tune in mind, a song that he walks around singing all day, thanks to his daughter: the theme from 'The Powerpuff Girls.' It's priceless.

That video includes bonus singing by Wahlberg, reprising "You Got the Touch" from 'Boogie Nights.' Wahlberg is also featured in a funny fan-made video that takes off from a tense scene of familial tension in 'The Fighter,' where he repeatedly says "Not you." (The film has a fair dose of humor, so the video is respectful to that spirit.) Check out both videos after the jump.
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