You might not instantly recognize the name Patrick Lussier, but if you're a horror movie fan you're no doubt familiar with a lot of his work. After years in the TV world, Lussier broke into the film industry in the '90s when he edited Wes Craven's 'New Nightmare.' Since then, he's been the editor behind the first three 'Scream' films, Guillermo del Toro's 'Mimic,' 'Halloween H20,' 'The Eye' and plenty more. In 2000, he segued to the director's chair with 'Dracula 2000,' which was followed by a string of straight-to-video movies (including the under-loved 'White Noise 2,' about which Lussier has a good sense of humor) before heading back to the mainstream with 'My Bloody Valentine 3D.'

His latest film is'Drive Angry 3D,' starring Nicolas Cage as a murderer that crawls out of hell to get vengeance on the satanic cult that murdered his daughter and now wants to sacrifice her baby. If that description alone doesn't have you salivating to see this guaranteed wild ride, the film played for the first time to a public audience this past weekend at Butt-Numb-a-Thon in Austin, Texas and the buzz is that it's as perfectly insane as it looks.

And if impressed early buzz isn't enough to get you interested, perhaps hearing Lussier describe working outside of the studio system to deliver the required levels of violence, sex and mayhem will do the trick. And if that still doesn't make you wish for February 25th to get here with a quickness, then I'm afraid you and I just don't like the same kind of movies. But even if you don't embrace 'Drive Angry,' you may be curious to hear what Lussier and co-screenwriter Todd Farmer have in store for their remake of 'Hellraiser' and just what exactly is going on with 'Halloween 3D.'