It's easy to think that within the confines of a tentpole would-be blockbuster, the actors have little more to do than show up, look good, and hit their marks. But Jeff Bridges seems to approach every role the same way, whether he's belly-up in a bathtub in 'The Big Lebowski,' chasing down damsels in distress in 'King Kong,' or returning to a role he played almost 30 years ago to reinvent a plucky computer programmer as a silicon valley hippie in 'Tron: Legacy.' And while that approach might seem spectacularly intuitive, especially given his consistently natural presence on screen, Bridges confesses that it's a lot more formal than it looks, and it's helped him last in a business that doesn't offer a whole lot of longevity.

It was last July in San Diego when Cinematical sat down with Jeff Bridges at Comic-Con to discuss 'Tron: Legacy,' his long-anticipated follow-up to the 1982 sci-fi groundbreaker. In addition to talking about the task of reviving a character after what is arguably the longest hiatus between installments in film history, he explained the process by which he works on each new acting challenge he tackles, and offered a few anecdotes about the lessons he learned as he developed his craft and eventually became one of the industry's most well-respected performers.
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