Jeff Bridges has been winning our hearts and minds since he played "infant at train station" in the 1951 flick 'The Company She Keeps.' This month, we have the incredible good fortune of being able to see him on the big screen in two highly anticipated releases: 'TRON: Legacy' and the latest Coen Brothers film, 'True Grit.' To further compound the extra-Bridges goodness, we'll be seeing two versions of him in 'TRON' -- as a modern-day Flynn and as a young Clu, thanks to advances in movie technology.

'True Grit' is particularly exciting since the first time Bridges teamed up with the Coen Brothers, it resulted in one of the greatest movies ever made. That's right -- 'The Big Lebowski.' This time around, Bridges plays a drunken U.S. Marshal named Rooster who helps a 14-year-old girl hunt the man who killed her father. The flick co-stars Josh Brolin as the cowardly killer, Matt Damon as a Texas Ranger named La Boeuf (presumably no relation to Shia) and newcomer Hailee Steinfeld as the girl.

'TRON: Legacy,' of course, is the sequel to the 1982 nerd-fest where Bridges gets sucked into a computer to battle the Master Control Program. In 'Legacy,' Garrett Hedlund plays Flynn's son, Sam, who enters The Grid in a quest to find his missing father.
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