- Just a heads up: 'Back to the Future: The Game,' developed by the great Telltale Games, will be released for PC and Mac on December 22nd.

- Bret McKenzie, one half of 'Flight of the Conchords,' is serving as the music supervisor on the new 'Muppet Movie,' and has even written several songs for the film. [via The Playlist]

- Two scripts from this year's Black List have just received financing: 'What Happened to Monday?,' a sci-fi film about a future with a "one child" policy, and 'Boy Scouts Vs. Zombies,' a 'Goonies'-style adventure film about a boy scout troop that tries to save a girl scout troop from zombies.

- Platinum Dunes' 'Ouija' board movie will not be, according to the writers, a scary movie: "No. It's 'Indiana Jones' -- that kind of tone. It's a big adventure movie."

- If you were disappointed by Ving Rhames' lack of screen time in 'Piranha 3D,' you'll be happy to know that the writers of 'Piranha 3DD' (Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan) are busy trying to find a feasible way to write him into the sequel.

- Video test footage of the aborted suit design for Tim Burton's 'Superman Lives' movie has emerged online and it looks ... it looks like it's a good thing it was aborted. Very interesting work, just very wrong for the Man of Steel:
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