Awards season officially exploded this week. Since this last Sunday, 14 different groups have announced either their winners or nominations with the Chicago Film Critics Association slated to unveil their contenders on Friday. The race is starting to come into focus as far as the locks are concerned, but is just as hazy as ever on the fringes which could post dramatic shifts over the next month. Some need help. Others need to maintain momentum and presence. We have all season to break down the numbers per group, what they could mean and where speculation is headed. In the meantime, let us start out simple and just show you where the current road of Oscar leads.

1. Melissa Leo ('The Fighter') - The showier of the two performances takes the lead.
2. Jacki Weaver ('Animal Kingdom') - L.A. & NBR have agreed 8 times since 1982. Five won the Oscar. All were nominated.
3. Helena Bonham Carter ('The King's Speech') - BFCA/Globe nominees 28-for-30 here since 2001.
4. Amy Adams ('The Fighter') - Ditto for arguably the be

5. Mila Kunis ('Black Swan') - Cameron Diaz & Julianne Moore only two BFCA/Globe nominees to miss. Could she be the third?
6. Hailee Steinfeld ('True Grit') - Indiana, Toronto and the Southeastern critics all crowned the newbie, but the Globes snubbed her.
7. Lesley Manville ('Another Year') - Sony Classics pushing her for Lead, yet some groups thinking she is Supporting.
8. Julianne Moore ('The Kids Are All Right') - I argued Bening for Supporting. Houston went the other way.
9. Juliette Lewis ('Conviction') - Boston named her the best for her 1.5 scenes in the film.
10. Barbara Hershey ('Black Swan') - BFCA & HFPA obviously prefer o

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