Classic video game luminaries from around the country -- and Moviefone -- gathered at Richie Knucklez Arcade Games in Flemington, NJ, this past weekend for an awesome event: The Tron-Off.

In advance of 'TRON: Legacy,' three arcade studs were competing in a contest on the 1982 game Tron. The competitors were Florida resident David Cruz (whose 7,148,220 points going into the event was recognized as the world-record score), New Hampshire programmer Donald Hayes (whose 4,580,031 points was the second-highest score), and Mark Sellers (a self-described Tron "underdog" and bar owner from Grand Rapids, MI). This trio went head-to-head in a 14-hour tournament emceed by gaming legend Billy Mitchell.

We proudly present our mini-documentary about the event -- 'King of Tron.' Watch the short film to find out who won, and whether a new world record on Tron was set.
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