Haven't you just been waiting, like, forever for a sequel to 'TRON,' a new movie from James L. Brooks and a Yogi Bear feature film? You have, haven't you? Well, then, you're in luck this weekend.


TRON: Legacy'TRON: Legacy' (PG)

Starring:Garrett Hedlund, Jeff Bridges, Beau Garrett, Bruce Boxleitner, Olivia Wilde
Directed by:Joseph Kosinski
Genre(s): Science Fiction - Action
What's It About? In the original 'TRON' (1982), videogame designer Kevin Flynn (Bridges) got trapped in his own game and had to fight his way out. Years later, he gets stuck there again, this time for decades. By the time his grown son, Sam (Hedlund), finds his way into the system, the network has become a police state run by Clu, a program whose avatar looks like the younger Flynn, who keeps the populace docile with gladiatorial games involving illuminated motorcycles and deadly frisbees. Watch Our 'What Is TRON: Legacy' About?' Video
Why Should You See It? Maybe you're a fan of the original, a cult classic that pioneered the use of primitive CGI effects. Even if you're not, the sequel may captivate you with its dazzling visuals (now in 3-D), its rebels-against-the-system plot, or the bizarre spectacle of Bridges acting opposite a computer generated version of his younger self.
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