Someone please take that shovel away from Blockbuster, because the hole they keep digging for themselves is just getting deeper and deeper.

Fast Company reports that the Blockbuster Express kiosk system is quickly losing the "28 day advantage" that allows Blockbuster to rent certain new releases to customers several weeks before Netflix and Redbox could. They've already lost that exclusivity with 20th Century Fox and Universal, but now you can add Warner Bros. to that list. This will prove financially painful for the company now that there's less incentive for people to seek out Blockbuster kiosks instead of Redbox (the kiosk system was specifically created to counteract the growing popularity of Redbox) because everyone will be getting releases at the same time.

It will also be pretty embarrassing, since Blockbuster's entire post-bankruptcy marketing strategy has centered on their four-week advantage over their competitors.
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