It might seem strange to kick off with a quote from 'Pump Up the Volume,' but we're living in a "'why bother?' generation." There are so many people that need help, slices of life that need to be improved, that it seems like too much -- a massive whirlwind where one person cannot make a difference. It often seems pointless to try, especially when it's a long and ongoing struggle, like 'The Cove's' attempt to stop the Taiji dolphin hunt.

But if there's any reminder for us to stop sitting on our collective behinds and do something -- anything, it's Kurt Kuenne and his documentary 'Dear Zachary, A Letter to a Son About His Father.' After experiencing a tragic loss that could have been avoided, he made a film and pushed not only for audiences to see it, but also the governmental powers that could make an important and powerful change.

After gaining unanimous support over months and years of effort, we're very happy to report that Zachary's Bill has been passed by Canadian Senate, and in the words of the filmmaker himself: "Governor General David Johnston gave Royal Assent to our bail bill, Bill C-464, making it law in Canada."
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